DAK ODV Holiday Song

So I work in Disney Animal Kingdom Outdoor Vending for the Disney College Program this semester and I will write several posts about my whole experience over winter break.

Cut to the chase: In the mornings we have meetings where the managers basically brief us on things. One of my managers, Kevin, said in a meeting before Christmas that if someone came up with a decent Holiday Song about DAK ODV he would get that person lunch.

What is is "lid" you speak of?

What is is "lid" you speak of?


So here it is Kevin, and I think you should throw in a Mickey bar as well 😉 To everyone else and especially to my DAK ODV peeps, Enjoy and Happy Holidays! (No one else will appreciate this song the way you guys will.)

DAK ODV Holiday Song

By Muriel Palanca

(Sing to tune of “Jingle Bells”- alternating verse and chorus)


V: I’ll catch the next bus ‘cause I’m already late.

I’ll probably get a half a point. It’s just another day.

Trying to count my bank as fast as I can

So I can open up on time. Don’t want a reprimand.


C: Got my hat and name tag, belt and no slip shoes.

I’ve given up my dignity. What more can I lose?

Peanut butter uniform. I’m in the Disney look.

Should have listened to my mom about the job I took.


V: Working at Kamals, stirring sauce and wings.

I hate that freaking fryer. Give me early release.

Stuck at MJT selling everything.

Nuts and pretzels, tap a keg. Too bad I cannot drink.


C: Cornivore sells popcorn. Their profit margin’s high.

Doesn’t help my paycheck. I need some overtime.

I wish I gave this shift away. I cannot stand the smell

Of vinegar and mass towels, cleaning grease myself.


V: Stand in front of carts. Interact with guests.

Talk about the animals. I swear I do my best.

But sometimes they are rude and have such whiney kids.

I’ll say it for the hundredth time, “This park does not have lids!!!”


C: Go straight down and to your left. Restroom’s on the right.

Sorry but Safari is closed for the night.

Everest or Dinosaur, the smoking section’s there.

To get to Camp Minnie Mickey look out for the blue bear.


V: I’m selling eggrolls in Bradley Falls next week.

Then I’m closing Funnel cake, Breaking Campfire Treats.

I’m not even trained in Rafiki’s Ice Cream cart.

Whoever made my schedule can kiss my Mickey Bar.


C: Oasis this, you missed a pot. I need to 11-4.

We’re out of Jalapeño Cheese and don’t have any more.

Inventory’s off by three. Fly fan isn’t on.

I got a void. My bank is short. Everything goes wrong.


V: The line will never end at Thai Bus or Tamu.

Aside from closing Gardens, I’ll be a breaker too.

And then there’s the parade; it’s like a second break

But it feels like the death of me when I wanna get to base.


C: It’s closing time. I’m almost done, but I still have to clean.

Melt the ice and wash the floors. Damn that drink machine!

Call for base to get a walk, inspection then bank out.

Run to catch the final bus. I’m glad it’s over now!!!


…But there’s always tomorrow…*sigh*…


About HappyTrafficCone

I am a college student with big dreams and I am taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. I'm an optimistic realist. I love people, food, learning, creating and smiling =D I love random conversations, so start one because I will talk to you about anything!
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2 Responses to DAK ODV Holiday Song

  1. Bill says:

    Are you Muriel from NY? If so, this song was a scream! I miss you already!
    Loved hearing your dating stories. You wild and crazy gal!

  2. I’m from middle of nowhere Delaware lol…and it’s snowing here =( I wish I could have said goodbye to you *double =( Anyways, stay sexy and fabulous. Friend me on Facebook!!! Hugs and kisses =*

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